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Can my son/ward take HMTL in Secondary School?

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The eligibility criteria for taking HMTL is intended to ensure that students can cope with the higher academic load.

[For new PSLE AL system„Äë
An overall PSLE score of 8 or better
An overall PSLE score of 9 - 14 (inclusive); and attain
AL 1/2 in standard MTL or
Distinction / Merit in HMTL

Previous criteria:
Your son/ward will be eligible for HMTL in Secondary School if:
he is in the top 10% of the PSLE
he is in the top 30% who score an A* in MTL, or a Merit in HMTL

For students who do not meet the above criteria to offer HMTL, if they are assessed to have high ability and strong interest in MTL and are able to do HMTL without affecting their performance in other subjects, an appeal can be done at one of the HMTL Centres. Please email Ms Loh Pei Guat (HOD, MTL) for more details on the appeal process and details e.g. lesson timings of the various HMTL Centres.

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