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Do the marks for NTIL/AsL/FL count towards my son/ward's overall results?

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For NTIL, the CGs will administer the examination, and the results will be included in your son/ward result slip. For FL, the school will register your son/ward for the End-of-Year Examination at MOELC for non-MOELC students, to gauge his FL proficiency. This result will be included in your son/ward result slip at the end of the year. For AsL, currently, MOELC does not administer examination for AsL MTL-in-Lieu students. However, students need to continue to make their own private study arrangement and work towards the N/O level examination in Secondary 4. At Secondary 4/5, your son/ ward is required to fulfil the MTL requirement by attaining the minimum AsL/FL grade for admission into a junior college or centralised institute (D7 or above for GCE O Level), or a local publicly-funded undergraduate programme (S grade or above for GCE A Level H1).

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