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Should my son/ward re-sit his O Level MTL examination at the end of the year?

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The school strongly encourages students to re-sit for their O Level MTL examination at the end of the year if they did not obtain a distinction (A1/A2) for their Mid-Year O Level MTL examination. For students who did not pass Mid-Year O Level MTL or MTLB examination (i.e D7, E8 or F9 for MTL, and UG for MTLB), they would be required to retake the Year-End O Level MTL / MTLB examination. For students who obtain an E8 or below for Mid-Year O Level MTL examination, we would advise them to take MTL'B' at the end of year O Level examination. This is to ensure that they meet the minimum MTL requirement for admission to JC/MI. Some considerations when deciding whether to re-sit for the end-of-year MTL examination: Grade for Paper 3 (Oral and Listening Comprehension): The grade for Paper 3 (Distinction/Merit/Pass) will be reflected in the Mid-Year MTL examination result slips. As there is only one sitting for the Oral and Listening examination, the same grade for paper 3 will count towards the end-of-year O Level examination grade. Results of other subjects: Your son/ward needs to review the results of his other subjects, and think through which are the subjects he will want to include in his aggregate computation for admission to tertiary institutions. Subjects for his L1R5/L1R4/ELR2B2/ELB4 computation: He will need a minimum of 6 subjects for L1R5 computation for admission to a JC and a minimum of 5 subjects for L1R4 (admission to MI), ELR2B2 (admission to Polytechnics), and ELB4 (admission to ITE Higher NITEC).

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