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How are Posting Groups different from the N(T), N(A) and Express streams? Is it just a renaming or rebranding of the existing system?

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Posting Groups are only used for the purposes of admitting students into secondary schools and to guide the initial subject levels students offer at the start of S1. Having three Posting Groups ensures schools remain accessible and continue to have a good mix of students across diverse learner profiles, and students have opportunities to interact with other students with different interests and backgrounds. Once in school, students will be organised in mixed form classes and will spend about a third of their curriculum time taking six Common Curriculum subjects together i.e. Art, Character and Citizenship Education (CCE), Design and Technology (D&T), Food and Consumer Education (FCE), Music, and Physical Education (PE). Under Full SBB, eligible students will also have more flexibility to take subjects at different subject levels depending on their subject-specific strengths and learning needs, and have access to a wider range of subject offerings and programmes. While the three Posting Groups will map to the PSLE Score ranges of the existing N(T), N(A) and Express streams, they will not shape or define students’ secondary and post-secondary experiences and pathways, unlike the existing academic streams.

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