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When and where will the students collect their chromebooks?

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The default mode of collection is for incoming Sec 1 students to collect their chromebooks in school during the 1st week of Term 2 (tentative). The Vendor will run through a device checklist with students at the point of collection to ensure that the chromebook is in good working condition, and for your son to verify the condition of the device. The software and DMA would also be installed on the chromebook during the school collection.

If you are concerned that your son will not be able to properly verify the condition of the chromebook, please notify the school and arrange to either collect the chromebook personally at the contractor's service/collection centre or appoint an adult proxy to do so. Do note that Parents/Guardians (or adult proxy) will NOT be able to collect the chromebook in the school. In addition, your son will also need to bring the chromebook to school and arrange for the school's IT department to install the DMA after collection.

For any ad-hoc purchases after March (after the incoming Sec 1 bulk purchase and deployment in March), please contact the school's IT Department at acsbr_it@moe.edu.sg.

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